Cathedral & The Gallery Event Space - Kansas City Wedding Photos from Claire & David's Formal Lilac Wedding

Claire and David are not Kansas City locals, yet they planned their wedding from Oklahoma City and selected KC as the destination for their big day! They had family and friends celebrating with them from all over the country and chose Kansas City as a central location to accommodate all of their party I mean, friends and family! They were highschool sweethearts who went separate ways for a while, but their flame was reignited in college and they've been inseparable ever since! I am honored to have been chosen to photograph their wedding day here in Kansas City!

Claire and David have such classic style and chose soft pastels - lilac, lavender, ivory, and silver for their color pallet, and the guys donned sharp & formal tuxes. 

Their day started off at The President Hotel near the Power and Light District in Kansas City. Everything was extremely relaxed yet lively as everyone was preparing for the ceremony and photos. Sipping champagne, exchanging gifts, steaming the gowns, tying bow ties, fastening cufflinks, reminiscing with their college friends, hugging parents, jokes at one another's expense... These are the things that filled this Saturday morning. 

Claire and David Wedding Blog 1.jpg

Mom adjusting the dress + Claire's shoes and special details!

Claire and David Wedding Blog 2.jpg

David's gift from Claire! Looking Good!

Claire and David Wedding Blog 3.jpg

Finishing touches.

Claire and David Wedding Blog 4.jpg

I absolutely loved so many of the moments when Claire and her dad saw one another, and then again during David and Claire's first look. Love the one of the parents looking on and watching their daughter, madly in love with the man she'll walk down the aisle to in a matter of hours! SO much happiness in these photos.

So, I could show you only the perfectly posed, timed, and planned moments from their 1000+ images from their wedding, but I love the in-between moments that show the hustle, bustle, and activities, too. Here, David is holding the bouquet in the vase to keep the florals alive as long as possible and Claire has help (from her uncle, I believe!) getting onto the shuttle. The day goes by so quickly and so many people are involved in making a million little memories. 

Claire and David Wedding Blog 6.jpg

It started to rain, right at this moment! Because... Missouri!

Claire and David Wedding Blog 7.jpg

One of the guys was quick to jump to the rescue and protect Claire's hair and makeup. I think the rest were unfazed for the most part!

This shows why having a second photographer is important! The top image is the 2nd photographer's (In this case, Mike Tsai. Thanks Mike!) You can get some fun alternate views during the same moment! You can also double up during portrait time to make the most of it and be super efficient and keep things fun and upbeat! ;)

Claire and David Wedding Blog 14.jpg

One of the LESS embarrassing photos taken by a 2nd Photographer of me on a wedding day! "Drop it low for me! The shoulder, that is!" ;)

Claire and David Wedding Blog 12.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 13.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 11.jpg

Those "moments in between".

Claire and David Wedding Blog 15.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 16.jpg

The glorious and blazing sun came out! Just in time for some golden backlit moments as we headed to the next location.

Claire and David Wedding Blog 19.jpg

LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors!! Great job on florals, Blue Bouquet team!

Claire and David Wedding Blog 20.jpg

At the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Stunning!

The Ceremony Site... known as "The Gold Dome" in Kansas City. 

Claire and David Wedding Blog 23.jpg


Claire and David Wedding Blog 24.jpg

OK... so as a wedding photographer, I see a LOT of things that most people don't know I'm seeing. Being a photographer sometimes means hovering over that thin red line between Documenting & Creeping. I do not know what this young man said that deserved a whack to the eye with Claire & David's wedding program. LOL

Final moments before becoming Mrs.

That moment when the doors first open. You can ALWAYS feel the energy and emotion. 

Claire and David Wedding Blog 28.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 29.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 31.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 34.jpg

No Pressure....

Claire and David Wedding Blog 36.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 37.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 39.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 40.jpg

When American Stereo hit that first chord... THESE PEOPLE WERE READY TO PARTY. What a blast!

Brothers :)

Claire and David Wedding Blog 43.jpg

When potential clients first inquiry with me, one of the things they usually mention is that capturing the celebration is very important to them. Most of the time, they've seen the parties...I mean... WEDDINGS I've photographed, and they really love the fact that I enjoy covering this part of the day! And I SO DO. Friends & family, all coming together to celebrate and have a good time, is a GOOD TIME. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my job?

Claire and David Wedding Blog 45.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 46.jpg

I debated sharing this, but decided to anyways! But Mike was hard a work getting the perfect angle of the band, when some wedding guests decided he needed a dancing partner. What can you do? These people were SO much fun. Thanks for having such awesome friends, Claire and David!

Claire and David Wedding Blog 47.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 48.jpg

American Stereo KILLED it. Love how they interact with the guests! The crowed love it.

Claire and David Wedding Blog 50.jpg

David. How you so classic all the time?

Claire and David Wedding Blog 51.jpg

The DADS! At the bar...where else!?

Claire and David Wedding Blog 52.jpg
Claire and David Wedding Blog 54.jpg

Claire and David... THANK YOU SO MUCH for choosing Kansas City as your wedding destination AND for having me as your photographer! We are SO honored to have you here and to have been a part of your big day! CONGRATS on the start of a beautiful marriage. STAY FAB! XOXO-Claire

KC PLANS - "Turn Your Dreams Into Plans!" - Fun and Fresh Design at The Gallery Event Space! Rainbow Ombre Floral & Custom Watercolor Stationery!

I am so honored to have photographed the 2nd Annual KC PLANS ( #KCPLANS ) at The Gallery Event Space this week! Jonnelle, Michelle, and Karoline of Events by Elle worked together with their amazing team to create such a beautiful night for Kansas City's wedding planners!

The idea for KC PLANS came to us when we saw the need for creating an event promoting business companionship VS. business competition. We believe there is a community of wedding planners in Kansas City that can work together to make the wedding planning industry grow to new heights - Michelle, Events by Elle
KC PLANS is created for planners to meet others whose dreams are similar, pull inspiration from, and be surrounded by others who share their passion. - Jonnelle, Events By Elle

This team came together to create something fun and summery, while incorporating a fresh take on Ombre - Hello RAINBOW OMBRE FLORALS EVERYWHERE! This was actually one of the many surprises for the guests and the invitation suite instead featured a custom water color design by Megan of Little Yellow Leaf! Here are just a few of my favorite photos from the event!

KC PLANS 1.jpg

The Amazing Floral Wall by Ashley with Good Earth Floral Design, Signage by Lauren Heim Studio

KC PLANS 2.jpg

Events by Elle hand made these acrylic pressed floral plates - Caligraphy by Lauren Heim Studios 

KC PLANS 3.jpg

Holly and Ivy carefully curated these gift boxes! Yellow KC Coasters by Loveletter Studio, Promotional Item from Kendra Scott, Prosecco was included thanks to The Gallery, 5b & Co Candle + Matches from For All Occasions + Wild Wash Soap Co bar were gifted by Holly and Ivy Co. Stationery piece inside + outer custom laser cut "KC PLANS" box wrap designed by Megan of Little Yellow Leaf.

KC PLANS 4.jpg

I love what Ashley and Megan created for the escort cards + display! Look at the flow on that floral design... LOVE.

KC PLANS 5.jpg

The Elle Girls + The Invitation Suite by Little Yellow Leaf. Meagan of Little Yellow Leaf created these custom watercolor designs for each invitation. AMAZING!

KC PLANS 6.jpg

Check out the RAINBOW GOODNESS on this cake and macaron display! I tried one of every macaron. Not ashamed.


NOW. I have to point something out - One of the reasons I LOVE working with The Gallery Event Space (Besides seeing JESSICA!!!) is that the venue is truly a blank canvas. The above photos were taken with minimal lighting, mostly natural light, and really let the floral and decor stand on its own. I almost had to do another entire shoot of the space once Ray with Icon Event Group set up all of his uplighting and the team at the Gallery changed their LED customizable ceiling lights. LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE lighting makes in the photos below! This is a fantastic way to change things up between a natural/airy wedding ceremony and the reception. I love both looks!

ALL THE PARTY PEOPLE! I am TRULY lucky to work with these amazing professionals. We have such a great, close knit wedding industry community here in Kansas City, which I have heard is very rare. I'm so thankful to know and work with so many talented, generous, passionate, and creative leaders and business owners!

Thank you so much to ALL OF YOU, and especially the Events By Elle team for including me in such a fantastic opportunity! KC PLANS is something I look forward to every year! PS: Huge shout out to Carolyn with UltraPom for taking charge when the other event rentals sponsor did not follow through on their promise! This is the kind of leadership and teamwork that makes Kansas City great! This was such a fantastic night and I will be in touch with everyone with the full gallery of images to use in your portfolio! Cheers to planning your DREAMS! XOXO -Claire

The Grand Hall, Kansas City - Zach and Dieynaba

Just a sneak peek from this fabulous photoshoot at The Grand Hall in the heart of Kansas City! I loved working with Zach and Dieynaba as well as this amazing team of wedding professionals! 

We can't get over this suit from Tip Top Tux! I love that they carry fitted styles for guys, and this one was a perfect fit!

Here are just a FEW of my favorites. More photos of this amazing venue to come! Stay tuned! XOXO - Claire

I have loved this staircase since I first laid eyes on it at the Grand Hall's grand opening! I knew I had to get Dieynaba floating down those stairs! Love how these turned out!

As you can see... I couldn't get enough of these stairs! Such a great feature to be sure to come prepared to capture on your wedding day!

 The Grand Hall - Photography by Claire Ryser

Thank you SO much Zach, Dieynaba, Dede with Altar, Ashley with Good Earth, Brigid with Bronzed and Blushed, Posh KC, and the Grand Hall Girls for being so amazing today!!! LOVE how these photos turned out!!! XOXO - Claire


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