My Approach


My Approach on a Wedding Day

Let me step into your world!

As your wedding photographer, my passion is to capture wedding photos that will become part of your legacy. I love the thrill. I love the emotion. I love the rush of being in your shadow and documenting your feelings, fleeting glances, delicious details, and savory moments.

On your wedding day I will be by your side, photographing the moments unfolding around you! Sometimes I may see soft light pouring through a window and ask you to lean in or adjust your stance to get that perfect shot. Often, we’ll just let moments unfold naturally! Most of the time, the day isn’t about hours of posing for photos, it’s about celebrating and enjoying the celebration with the people you love!

My clients and I love to get a perfect mixture of beautifully posed and styled portraits of you, your family, and wedding party, real-life in-the-moment candid photos, and photos of the style details that you've worked on for months! My clients like a more directive approach when it comes time for the posed photos and traditional family formals! I'll help you pose in flattering ways that play up your best assets and we’ll work through a shot list that I’ll help you create to make group photo time go quickly and smoothly. At our initial consultation, we’ll chat about your style desires, and any other “must have” shots! I’m happy to take the lead in a fun, upbeat way throughout the day, yet know when it’s time to document discreetly from the shadows! This day is about YOU. Your love. Your Family. Let me help you document the day and every moment in between. 


My Approach for your Engagement Session

Before your engagement photo shoot, we'll chat about the details. The scenery. The setting. The look you're going for. Do you have a meaningful location? A favorite coffee shop? Wanting to capture your style in a glamorous way with dramatic skyline backdrops? We'll plan out the 2 hour session and I'll send you tips on what to wear ahead of time. At the session, I'll help take the lead and direct you to pose in flattering ways and help you feel natural and at ease! I'll help you pose in a way that looks natural. All you have to do is show up with the love of your life and get ready for a lot of hugs, kisses, and maybe a few twirls! Can't wait!


MY Approach for your Family Photos

Kids will be kids and every family dynamic is unique! Lets work together to find a perfect setting and look that will be timeless and still capture the personality that makes you, YOU! I'll send you wardrobe tips ahead of time and we'll map out the details. Kids may need to take a few minutes to warm up, but once we get going, they're usually all giggles! We'll hug, walk in a park, snuggle in a field, swing, play at the museum, or cozy up on your own couch! You'll be amazed at how fun this can be! I shoot in a relaxed way and will act silly to get some smiles. Feel free to bring a favorite toy or have their favorite song keyed up on your smartphone! Let's have fun and make some memories!