Below you'll find helpful tips, your printable documents, and so much more! I'm thrilled I get to be the one to be by your side for this fun milestone in your life! As always, let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything I more I can do to make this fun time even more amazing! Can't wait! XOXO - Claire




1. Choose outfits that complement each other, but don't coordinate TOO matchy-matchy! Avoid being one mono-chromatic blob, such both of you wearing all one color or matching shirts ;)

2. Choose paired outfits that are the same level of dressiness! You want to look like you're going to the same place/event.

3. Avoid: Thin knit clingy / stretchy clothing. These often come in long sleeve a-line dress styles, thin knit polos that are solid colors, etc. but they tend to "hang" on the wrong areas! ha!

2. Avoid: Both of you wearing all-white or all black - Save it for the wedding day. A cute white sundress or cocktail dress for ladies is fine, but pair it with a colorful accessory to avoid looking like a short wedding dress. Guys, avoid wearing something that will look too similar to what you'll wear on the big day.

3. For ladies: Avoid ONLY bringing short body-con or sheath dresses (this can often limit the types of poses we do and is difficult to sit, snuggle, recline, dip, etc. in!) You want to leave your session with a variety of options. For guys: Don't wait till the last minute to try on your suit that you haven't worn in a while. If you're wearing a suit to your session, be sure to have it tailored. I love Todd at Todd's Clothiers for suits and tailoring.

4. Colors, patterns, and style that you feel amazing in will look amazing! Generally, Bold, classic, and rich colors as accents look great paired with a basic neutrals such as navys/grays/dark denims/tans. 

5. Mix It Up. Bring 2-3 different outfits in a range of styles and accessories that are YOU- many couples use this as an excuse to go all out for one of their outfits. But please know, you don't have to break the bank... has designer wear for a fraction of the price. I've also had clients say they've found great options at Windsor (ladies) and Nordstrom Rack.  Remember, these are images that you'll have for a lifetime and more, so most importantly, just be you and wear something you enjoy wearing.

6. BE YOU. Wear your favorite designer. Favorite Color. Favorite T-shirt. Feel free to express yourself and your style! Don't be afraid to add a layer of Spanx or an undershirt or a slip if you're wearing a sheer dress.

7. Flatter your body type! If you love certain assets, play that up! Dark colors minimize, bright colors will maximize. I personally vote to avoid thin solid knits that show the lines and creases underneath. Layers and crisp pieces with structure such as button-ups, collars, etc. and for ladies, belted or cinched waistlines, and flattering lines are your friend! Even if you don't really think you need it, Spanx NEVER hurt!

8. For guys: Avoid fashion faux-pas such as white socks with dark pants/shoes, or a white-t-shirt peeking above the neckline on a dress shirt. A simple google search or pinterest board for men's fashion can often be very helpful or inspiring! And you can never iron enough! If it's hot, be sure to bring an undershirt (or two!). Don't forget the matching belt and shoes, and if applicable, your watch.

9. Don't stress too much! This is so much more about YOU and the LOVE of your life and documenting that love. We'll keep it fun and upbeat and I'll help coach you into the right poses the whole time, so there's really nothing to worry about.


You can purchase high quality professional prints from me via your photo gallery! Those include my personal by-hand retouching, any requested body contouring,  and additional removal of any distracting elements...on top of the original edit, and any other additional requests you have! Satisfaction Guaranteed and delivered promptly to your doorstep within 15 business days or less from the time  you place your order.

You can also print off your digital files with 3rd party printers or photo kiosks. While many of my clients opt for me to take charge of their art, others also love the DIY approach! I have tested some printing companies that offer great quality products that look professional! has great prints and products and Artifact Uprising has some interesting options as well!

Obviously, when printing with 3rd party printers such as above or others like Shutterfly, Walmart, Kodak etc., I can't guarantee color consistency nor quality and all inquiries into any of your concerns or complaints will need to go to them. You may need your copyright consent in order to print at photo kiosks and can download it below under the "HELPFUL LINKS & IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS" category.


Copyright / Printing Consent Document

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