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Kelsey & Ryan: Wedding at Loch Lloyd Country Club

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Kelsey and Ryan laugh. A lot. Together. Ryan knows exactly what to say to make her laugh, no matter what. Love and laughing to hand-in-hand and I think these two will have a very genuine, love-filled and happy marriage!

Kelsey and Ryan met in Florida. She is a professional dancer / dance coach ( ) with more talent and a resume longer than Webster's Dictionary! Ryan... Well he was the most charming guy she'd ever met and he knew how to make her laugh. No matter what. Their story is the stuff movies are made of! If it was a movie.. it would be something like White Christmas meets Dirty Dancing! OK... but now I'm rambling! Seriously though, Kelsey and Ryan are so perfect for each other and I feel so lucky to have been their wedding photographer here in Kansas City!

Their genuine love for each other and for life brought them to this happy day, which was nothing short of fabulous! Even though it was one of the hottest and most humid days of the year! The Loch Lloyd Country Club ( ) created a perfect backdrop for Kelsey and Ryan's perfect day! Special thanks to Kelsey's mom, Cheryl, for adding so many special touches for this magical day! No detail was left unplanned.

My blog posts are personal in nature... I don't try to tell the whole story, although I could have posted 500+ pictures! Here are just a few of my favorites!

Kelsey getting ready...
Getting the dress on is always a fun(ny) experience!
Perfect color pallette for a late summer wedding!
Love the aisle decor... and these programs!
Kelsy and Ryan decided to share a private moment together for their First Look! These moments can be so special... Their's was magical!
Meet Kelsey and Ryan! LOVE them!!!
AYKM? Kelsey, you are GORGEOUS!!! Totally BRINGIN' IT all. day. long. Love her!
Ryan and the guys!
These guys were a little too cool for this shot. But the socks shot was just too good to pass up! Seriously! Every detial was planned and thought out for this wedding... down to every last sock! ;)
As guests were arriving, we grabbed a quick shot with Kelsey and her dad. I love that he was so involved in the wedding... you could tell he cared so much for Kelsey! I think if there were more men like Kelsey's dad, the world would be a better place. :)
I love when my brides and grooms opt for something more personal than the traditional guestbook - Check out this idea!
Love the cute bird theme too.
Loch Lloyd was the perfect setting for this intimate wedding!
One last portrait right before the ceremony started! Such a beautiful bride!
Getting Weddinged!!!!
Pretty sure Ryan was the happiest guy on earth at this moment in time! LOVE!
One last hug from dad... aw!
JUST MARRIED! Right after the ceremony recessional, Kelsey and Ryan stopped to share their excitement of being newly married!
I loved spending so much time with these girls! So much fun! Thanks for making me feel so welcome :)
At the reception... so much effort went in to making this day so memorable! Love the details!
Delish! I would say that it was too pretty to eat... But I had a slice of each of the 3 flavors! BE JEALOUS OF ME!
The sun set quickly... I love the candle-lit cozy feel here!
Such meaningful and memorable toasts that night! Ryan's best man gave them these beautiful and rare crystal glasses.
I usually don't post the bouquet and garter toss photos on the blog, but I have to give Ryan some credit for getting so mch air on this one! Must be the Paleo + Crossfit advantage! ;)
Ryan and his mother...
Father and daughter...
Kelsey and Ryan stayed late into the night, dancing and talking with their closest friends and family! I'm proud to say that the last words I heared as the car drove the newlyweds into the distance was Ryan shout out, "We love you, Claire!!!!" It made me smile. A lot! Thank you Kelsey and Ryan for sharing your amazing and magical day with me! I'm so thrilled to have been your wedding photographer! CONGRATS!!!
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